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noaarecdat was previously: Thursday 16th of September 2021 12:04:13 PM EDT

Local Server Time NOW:  Thursday 16th of September 2021 12:20:49 PM EDT, America/New_York - UTC -04:00

$wfo = ctp
$sid = BFD

server day found in cache 16,,,,,,
thisDayMax MISSING
thisDayMaxYear MISSING
thisDayMin MISSING
thisDayMinYear MISSING
thisDayMaxAvg MISSING
thisDayMinAvg MISSING
NO tomorrow found in cache

Ring NOAA ....

Couldn't get valid thisDayMax
Couldn't get valid thisDayMaxYear
Couldn't get valid thisDayMin
Couldn't get valid thisDayMinYear
Couldn't get valid thisDayMaxAvg
Couldn't get valid thisDayMinAvg

NO Tomorrow (17) data in noaagrab

NO Tomorrow (17) data for NEW cache

Output decided by program:

This Day
Rec* High
Rec* Low
Avg* High
Avg* Low
* Records from NOAA

NEW cache out: 16,,,,,,

Original Document ....

302 Found


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